About Joy

“Things may not always be pretty and things may not always be easy, but you can always have JOY” – Joy Hidalgo

Joy Hidalgo has starred in over eight Broadway shows from New York to Switzerland to London and back. Nationally and internationally, she is known as a powerhouse! From singing at Carnegie Hall, to dancing and acting on the Broadway. From standing next to Patrick Swayze on the silver screen in “To Wong Foo” or being sassy on the small screen in “Love By The 10th Date” opposite Kelly Rowland, she has forged her own path.

As a social media personality and hostess, Joy Hidalgo is one of the most outspoken yet loving and trailblazing transgender women today. Joy Hidalgo’s mission is clear.

“Dear Joy. If you think you’re not touching lives, think again. Thanks to you, my son feels more comfortable and not as alone. This topic of gender dysmorphia is difficult for any parent, however I listen to you regularly and I thank you for your grace.” – J. Lefalti (A grateful mother) Atlanta GA

“Perfect!” – NY Times

“This girl is on fire!” – La Prensa

To be a mentor is to have the wisdom and the compassion to teach the student with such care and unconditional love, that they surpass even you. I have always aspired to mentor those that I am in a position to lift up. However, being from Brooklyn, NY and being Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Black makes for a smart-ass, sassy mentor! The delivery of information is, shall we say, NOT sugar-coated.

Tor-mentor is a universally diverse podcast, that addresses all topics from pop culture, to politics, to science, to history and beyond. WAY BEYOND!
It’s listeners fuel Tor-mentor. We take their reactions and suggestions seriously. Hence each episode is it unique in its own right.