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Thee Premiere Episode – Are you part of the solution?

Are you part of the solution?

Allen Hidalgo is an Actor, Host, Director, Political Activist and Humanitarian. He was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Allen has starred on Broadway, in Movies, on Television, Nationally and Internationally. He was actually raised within the engine of a  movement that literally changed the course of politics forever (for more info. on that, see below).

“If you are not speaking out against injustice, then you are part of the problem.”

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Allen Hidalgo’s primary focus has always been to be of service at all times! “Remain conscious,” he says. He was raised by his Mother, Raquel Hidalgo. Raquel was a successful Latin singer from Puerto Rico and also a powerful accomplished Political Activist. Being exposed to her misson, shaped his life forever. Everywhere Raquel went, Allen and his older Brother went with her. She wanted to make sure that they were AWAKE to the plights of others.
Raquel Hidalgo worked for Shirley Chisholm’s, the first Black Woman to run for President of the United States, campaign. She also worked with world reknown Women’s Rights Activist, Bella Abzug in NYC and Washington DC. Raquel was the President of the Puerto Rican Women’s Association, President of The  Puerto Rican Day Parade and President of Los Ninos Neceitados de Nueva York (The Asscociation for Needy Children of New York). Allen has carried the torch of activism since her passing.
Allen Hidalgo has always been outspoken for equal rights, active on social media and has volunteered on many fronts for various causes. Most notably, he has been an active 35-year member of the SGI-USA,  a World Peace Buddhist Organization and a non-governmental member of the United Nations. The sole purpose of SGI-USA is Nuclear disarmament through education, the arts, and dialogue.
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 “A life without contribution or purpose is a life wasted.”